Was ist eine Alltagsreportage?

Die Schönheit im Alltag - gebannt auf professionellen Bildern

Bei einer Alltagsreportage begleite ich euch ein kleines Stück in eurem Alltag.
Als stille Beobachterin sind meine Kamera im Gegensatz zu einer Wochenbettreportage nahe zu unsichtbar. Bei einer Wochenbettreportage bekommt ihr von mir Anweisungen. Bei der Alltagsreportage bekommt ihr von mir rein dokumentarische Fotos.

Ungestellt - ungeschön - einfach so, wie ihr seid!

Weil Sie so schnell groß werden

About forty years ago I was an instructor in the military academy at Woolwich. I was present in one of the sections when young Scoresby underwent his preliminary examination. I was touched to the quick with pity; for the rest of the class answered up brightly and handsomely, while he—why, dear me, he didn't know anything, so to speak. He was evidently good, and sweet, and lovable, and guileless; and so it was exceedingly painful to see him stand there, as serene as a graven image, and deliver himself of answers which were veritably miraculous for stupidity and ignorance. All the compassion in me was aroused in his behalf. I said to myself, when he comes to be examined again, he will be flung over, of course;




Alltagsreportage bei euch zu Hause

He is just as good and sweet and lovable and unpretending as a man can be.




A long, long distance from the town, in the midst of dreadful wilds scarcely known to man, there dwelt the Griffin whose image had been put.

ISt ihre Kindheit

Ich begleite euch

Sind immer schön